The China Association for International Exchange of Personnel(CAIEP) 
is a nationwide government-sponsored institution engaged in the international 
exchange of specialized technical and managerial personnel. CAIEP's main tasks 
are to invite foreign experts to work in China, designate Chinese managerial and 
technical personnel to go abroad for practical training, assist Chinese and foreign 
organizations in developing friendly exchange and business relations, and arrange 
for foreign friends to engage in research,training, and study in China. The aim of 
CAIEP is to promote exchange and cooperation between China and other nations 
in the fields of industry,agriculture, finance , science and technology, education, 
medicine, and culture through the international exchange of personnel. These goals 
contribute to China's reform, opening to the world, and modernization, and to the 
advancement of human civilization in general.

CAIEP has always been vigorously supported by the Chinese Government
and it is under the direct guidance of the State Administration of Foreign Experts
Affairs. CAIEP has established its branches in every province, autonomous region,
and municipality directly under the Central Government, as well as in related
ministries under the State Council. It has also established offices in the United
States, Canada, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia,Israel, Japan,
Singapore and Hong Kong. CAIEP has established close relationsand cooperation
with social organizations, research institutes, universities,and enterprises in more
than fifty nations and regions. Its services arespreading throughout the world. The
highest authority of CAIEP is its Council.Its Secretariat executes the decisions of
the Council and is in charge of daily routine.
Zhang Jinfu, former State Councilor, is Chairman of CAIEP. Members of the
Board of Directors are high-ranking officials of various ministries and celebrities of
related organizations.
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